Male Body Contouring by Liposuction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in liposuction for my man boobs, stomach and neck.  I have several questions about the procedure.

1)Will removing fat cashew loose skin to develop after.

2) How long is the recovery?

3)  When can I fly home?

4) How long do I have to wear the compression wrap?

5) When can I get back to working out?

6) How soon could I leave town after the surgery?

7)  Well liposuction get rid of my man boobs?

Thank you!

A: In answer to your questions:

1) I don’t think you will on your chest and probably not in the waistline either.

2) Depending upon how you define recovery, I would say a few weeks. Although full aesthetic recovery takes (when the complete final aesthetic outcome is seen) takes about 2 months for any form of liposuction.

3) If you had some assistant you could get on the plane the next day after the surgery.

4) You wear the compression wrap until you feel they no longer are of any comfort benefit.

5) You return to working out when you feel comfortable to do. This will likely be about 3 weeks after the procedure.

6) You should be able to go home the following day if you are so motivated.

7) Liposuction is very good at getting rid of man boobs just  like you have.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana