Is A Lip Lift Or Fat Injections Better For My Upper Lip?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was considering a lip lift.  If I send you my photo would you be able to advice me if the lip lift would be a good solution. I had open bite and orthodontic treatment and so my upper teeth moved back a bit and the top of my lip is not as full or not lifted up as it was before resting on my teeth which were slightly protruding. I was considering either fat injections or lip lift. I don’t know if fat injections applied skillfully can also reshape the lips adding volume in the centre part, making cupid arch more prominent. The teeth on my side tend to show more when i smile only slightly, the upper lip has a shape which is rising where my third tooth is and going slightly down where the very front tooth is. I do not seem to have very long upper lip, it’s just rising up in the wrong place. I think an upper lip lift may correct it since the corners go down a bit it may look slightly surprised unhappy look and if I shorten the lip too much the lips will not close completely. Could i reshape my upper lift with fat injection so they turn up more in the centre or would the lip lift be more advisable? I greatly appreciate your advice. Also,  how long do the results of lip lift and lipofilling last?

A: I am afraid that you find yourself in the midst of a quandry, which is not that uncommon with lip enhancement procedures. While a lip lift will create the greatest amount of central lip pout that will be maintained, it is not really an appropriate procedure in someone who does not have a long upper lip. Conversely, fat injections will not really reshape the cupid’s bow and their take is always suspect. When one finds themselves in such a quandry, it is always best to do the one with least risks first (fat injections) and let those results prove that a lip lift would be needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana