How Successful Is Mentalis Muscle Resuspension?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question about mentalis resuspension. Can you explain what is the procedure you perform and what is the percentage rate of success. I have heard that this procedure will never restore the lip position back to normal (prior to when the injury occurred). I also heard that most of the time the lower lip descends back to its malposition (as though the mentalis resuspension never occurred) within the first couple of months after the mentalis resuspension procedure.

A: I am not sure where you have been getting your information about mentalis resuspension and under what circumstances or techniques that it is performed. There is a difference between uplifting the chin tissues from an injury vs attempting to alter a naturally low/genetic chin ptosis. Soft tissue sag of the chin has a higher success rate when its origin is that of an injury. The best mentalis resuspension technique uses suture anchors that can adequately lift and maintain the position of the muscle until they heal to the bone. The success of mentalis suspension is also enhanced by a concomitant V-Y mucosal lengthening procedure done at the same time which is helpful for improving the horizontal position of the lower lip. These are some general concepts and I would have know more about your particular chin problem to know how they may apply.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana