Hip Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I would like hip implants. I made a huge mistake and had silicone injected by a unlicensed injector several years ago that caused a bad reaction in my body. My hips turned black and became hard as a rock. Fast forward to last year where I had the material, hardness and discoloration removed. I had a BBL earlier this year to replace the large dips I had in my hips from the removal surgery. A lot of the fat died so I’m thinking due to me having the silicone in my hips for so long maybe fat will not survive in that area. Right now I have dips in my hips that I would like fixed. I would like to have silicone hip implants placed to build them out.

A: It is important to realize that placing implants anywhere in the human body requires normal healthy tissue around them to avoid infection and other implant problems. If fat has trouble surviving in the hip area due to the tissue quality this bodes very poorly for any attempt at implant placement. At the least further fat injections may be needed to improve the tissue quality of the hips before implants may be placed. The hip areas must feel soft and not hard to rigid if implants are even to be considered. I would need to see pictures of your hips to determine what this area looks like

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana