Forehead Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley,I just want to receive more information on forehead reshaping procedure. I have always been very unhappy with my masculine looking forehead and although I am a male I have always wanted to obtain a more feminine looking forhead and eliminate my heavy brow ridge. I did have a procedure done abroad about 7 months ago and had my brow bone shaved off but to say the least the surgeon that did my surgery did not remove enough bone to make my forehead straighter and less slopped. Ideally I would like my forhead to be rounder but at the very least eliminate the bump on my eyebrows and make my forhead smoother. I would like to consult on forehad reshaping with possible upper forhead implant.

A: I am not surprised that just shaving the brow bone in a male did not give adequate forehead reshaping and reduction. Almost all males with really prominent brow bones need an osteoplastic setback procedure rather than simple shaving. A few millimeters of reduction in a male is just going to be inadequate. In addition some males with prominent brow bones have a significant backward slope to their forehead which often needs to be augmented at the same time as the brow bone reduction to get a much improved forehead shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana