Facial Implant Selections

Q: Dr. Eppley, I need your opinion for my very specific facial implant selection needs describe d below. I also posted photos of my face (front – side view & oblique) in order for you to understand better my situation. The 3 photos are real, as I am (the before) and the modified photos are fake (modified in Photoshop) and show the desirable effects, what exactly I want to achieve after the aesthetic surgery.

As you can see, I want to achieve a more masculine facial structure, as well as a more prominent jaw line and reducing the roundness appearance of my face. I’ve decided to go on with 3D facial plastic surgery, in addition with buccal fat pad removal (I ‘m not interesting in typical, non-surgical methods). I know most of the basics and I am looking for the right doctor in order to proceed. But I have some questions to ask first.

1) Which chin implant would be better according to my needs, in order to achieve the effects in the modified photos? Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin Implant, Extended Anatomical Chin Implant, Terino Extended Anatomical™ Chin Implant, Vertical Lengthening Chin, Mittelman Pre Jowl Chin™, Mittelman Pre Jowl®, Glasgold Wafer, or Terino Square Chin (All styles) ?

Chin Augmentation Goals: stronger – masculine chin, a little front, side and vertical widening, as photos show.

2) Again, which jaw angle implant would be better, the Conform™ Mandibular Angle Implant, the Widening/Vertical Mandibular Angle Implant, the Lateral Mandibular Angle™, or the Posterior Mandibular Angle™ ?

Jaw Augmentation Goals: The main point here is to enhance the vertical facial structure of the face and secondly the angular shape to be more prominent BUT without enhancing the roundness of the face.

3) In addition to these augmentations, do I need cheek augmentation to achieve the desirable effects? Or the buccal fat pad removal is enough according to my case? If I need, which of the three options would suit better in my case? Malar, Submalar, or the Combined Shell?

The goal here is to achieve more tight and high cheekbone effect and with no fill and volume, just like men models.

4) Would you suggest to go for temple augmentation too, in order to achieve a boarder/wider forehead and a more masculine effect? Or not?


A: In answer to your facial implant selection questions:

1) I can only provide specific implant recommendations to patients that I have consulted on and I am performing the procedure. It is ill-informed to do so otherwise.

2) Buccal fat removal can never achieve your imaged effects and always has to be combined with cheek augmentation to come close to that midfacial effect.

3) Augmenting the facial skeleton will only make the temporal hollows look more pronounced not less.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana