Older Facial Feminization Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in facial feminization surgery. Based on my pictures what are your recommedations?

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. As an older facial feminization patient, the effects of aging must also be considered as part of the facial procedures .My recommendations would be the following:

1) Browlift and Upper Blepharoplasties with Tail of the Brow Bone Reshaping (I don’t think a central brow reduction is that useful)

2) Rhinoplasty

3) Upper Lip Advancement

4) Lower face/necklift

While there are many other potential facial feminization surgery procedures that could be done, I consider these four the most effective and the best value.

The biggest challenge for the browlift is where to place the incision to do it.

In many older facial feminization surgery patients there is a concomitant need/benefit for facial rejuvenation procedures as well such as brow lifts, blepharoplasties and face and necklifts. These are done at the same time as the more traditional facial reshaping procedures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana