Eye Asymmetry Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in eye asymmetry surgery. I have problem with my appearance. I have plagiocephaly. In future I’ll want to correct my facial asymmetry using 3D implants, but before it I need to correct my eyes. Now my biggest problem is vertical asymmetry of my eyes, the right eye is higher than the left eye. The left eye is also smaller than the right eye. The left side of my forehead is concave, the right is convex. My eyebrows are asymmetric. Can you help me with my problem? If you need I can send you my 3D CT scan of my head. I have attached my pictures. I’m waiting for your reply.

A: Thank you for sending your facial pictures. What you have is the classic periorbital changes from plagiocephaly. You can not lower the ‘higher’ eye, actually that eye is the correct one. You have to focus on the ‘deformed’ side which is the left lower side. The left eye needs to be raised through orbital floor augmentation, left eyebrow elevation, and left inferior brow bone reduction. This is how I commonly treat this type of orbital or eye asymmetry. This may not create perfect symmetry but it will go a long way in making it better.

I am certain that if you look at the front view of your 3D CT scan you will see the lower left orbital skeletal box.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana