ePTFE Nasal Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to know your opinion about silicone nasal implant for raising only the bridge of the nose. For instance an implant  from Implantech called Flowers Dorsal Nasal. I know there is a big debate about silicone versus Goretex where cartilage is much safer than the synthetic materials. I have done ear- cartilage nose augmentation and it is almost dissolved. I just need a little permanent elevation for the bridge of my nose, I don’t have any complain about other parts of the nose. I said I would order for 1.5mm or 2.5 mm. But there is 2 kinds of Flowers Dorsal Nasal Implant. One is made of the silicone and the other is made of ePTFE. I have a question here ePTFE is only Goretex or silicone covered by goretex. I have read also that in any complications after placing the implant silicone on the nose, it is easier to remove silicone unlike goretex which is difficult to remove as well as infection is also a potential risk for having it on the nose.
Please advice me of which material I should go for my nose surgery.

A: When it comes to nasal implants there are three fundamental types of synthetic implants; silicone, ePTFE coated (called composite nasal implants) and hand made pure ePTFE nasal implants (carved from a block of ePTFE)

ePTFE Nasal Implants performed vs hand carved Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisAll of these will work with similar effectiveness in my experience and I have used them all. Goretex has the advantage of some soft attachments but it is never so adherent that it is difficult to remove later if needed. Whether one uses a silicone vs an ePTFE nasal implant depends on how one emotionally feels about the material. (my preference is for ePTFE) Whether one uses an ePTFE coated silicone implant or a pure ePTFE nasal implant which is hand made one depends on the surgeons comfort and carving skill of making one out of a block of ePTFE.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana