Custom Sternal Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, ]I have pectus excavatum – I see on your site you mentioned the option of 3D implants to treat the sternal depression part of it. (custom sternal implant) Do you have any photos you could send me of your work with those? Have you ever done 3D implant on a female with Pectus Excavatum? The midline between my breasts is very narrow.. Do you think breast implants would be better choice? Do you have any pics you can send me of any patients with pectus excavatum that you placed breast implants in? Also where do we get fitted for a 3D implant?

Looking forward to your response.

A: Most cases of more minor pectus excavatum in females is adequately managed by breast implants. But it would depend on the depth of the sternal depression. I would need to see pictures off your chest to provide a more qualified answer as to what many be best for you. Breast implants work by making larger mounds and, as a result, the sternal depression usually looks less. The other treatment option is the making of a custom sternal implant designed from either a 3D CT scan of the sternum/ribcage or in office sternal moulages.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana