Custom Skull Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am very interested in a custom skull implant done. It has been bothering for as long as I can remember. I do have a few general questions for you (I hope that you don’t mind): 

1) What is the recovery time? 

2) Can the entire procedure be done in one session? I live in California, as you know, and it would be difficult for me to travel back to Indianapolis for follow-up treatment(s) or visit(s). 

3) How big will the prospective scar be on the back of my head? 

4) any potential hair loss? 

5) will my head be shaved for the procedure? 

6) any side effects or potential issues that I should be aware of? 

7) will the implant be secure — if for example, I fall, etc., is it prone to move if significant pressure is placed on it? 

8) is 15 mm a decent sized implant? I.e., will my head be round. 

9) How much does the procedure cost — total? 

10) will the implant last long / forever? 

A: In answer to your custom skull implant questions:

1) Most patients are well recovered in two weeks or less.

2) Patients get their 3D CT scan where they live. They only come in one time for the actual surgery.

3) It is a fine line incision usually about 9 cms long placed low in the occipital hairline.

4) These scalp scars usually heal remarkably well with no hair loss.

5) No hair shaving is necessary.

6) No adverse side effects have yet be seen.

7) The implant is never going to move from its healed position on the skull.

8) a 15mm is the maximum projection that can be achieved given the limits of the scalp to stretch in a single procedure. It certainly be a lot more round than it is now.

9) My assistant has been instructed to pass the cost of the surgery on to you.

10) The implant will last forever, it can never degrade or break down or need to be replaced.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana