Custom Jawline Implant Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting a second custom jawline implant. I should have listened to you with my first implant when I asked you to reduce in surgery the size of the implant. I regret that decision now two months after surgery as what I have now is too small. I would like to potentially proceed with the procedure, but I have some questions first

1. What are some potential risks of doing a revision?

2. Is the risk of infection higher?

3. Is the risk of the surgical wounds not healing higher?

4. Are there any extra risks with nerve damage?

5. Do you remove the screws from the previous implant or do you leave them in there?

6. How much would it cost to remove the revision implant, clean and reinsert if I was to get an infection? And when this does happen, what are usually the percent chances that an infection happens again?

7. What is the recovery like for the revision compared to the initial procedure?

8. Are there any permanent risks associated with doing a jaw implant or a jaw implant revision?

9. Would you consider a jaw implant revision easier or harder than on the surgeon compared to the initial procedure? And why?

10. Do you normally reopen the same wounds or create different wounds inside the mouth?

11. How long do you recommend waiting to let the initial wounds heal before doing a revision?

A: In answer to your custom jawline implant revision questions:

1) The surgical risks as identical to the first custom implant procedure as it is the same operation.

2) The risk of infection is the same as the first time.

3) The risk of intraoral wound dehiscence is the same as the first time.

4) No

5) The screws are removed as they have to be to remove the implant.

6) The risk of facial implant infection is around 2% to 3% every time one is inserted.

7) The recovery will be identical to the first time.

8) A custom jawline implant revision surgery incurs the identical risks as the first time, they are no higher or lower.

9) It is the same surgery so it is equally ‘hard or easy’ as the first time. This is not a surgery I would ever consider easy no matter how many times it is done.

10) The same incisions are used the second time as the first time.

11) I advise 3 to 4 months before proceeding with any secondary implant surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana