Corner Mouth Lift and Eye Widening

Q: Dr. Eppley, have two questions about what is possible with surgery. I had a lip lift a long time ago and it was brought up a lot so now it always looks like my lips are pouting like I’m sad. Is it possible to make the lips go out laterally to make the corners look like they are higher and outward a good amount like you’re smiling instead pouting. I know it can be done externally but that will leave a noticeable scar. Can it be done internally somehow? The other question I have is I have done work with you on my eyes which made them more open and I’m happy with it but I wanted to know is it possible to make eyes go out laterally as well? To make them wider? My eyes are round but very little in length.

A:  In answer to your corner mouth lift and eye widening questions:

1) The corners of the mouth and the side of the upper lip can only be moved through an external approach, not an internal one.

2) Stretching out the outer corner of the eyes through a lateral canthopexy (eye widening) can be done but it is notoriously unstable with a high rate of relapse. The eye is very sensitive to have good contact with the eyelid and if they are separated the body works really hard to bring it back in.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana