Horizontal Chin Reduction after V-Line Jaw Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m looking to partially reverse my v-line surgery.My chin was perfectly fine pre-surgery. My chin was narrowed from the front view which was what I wanted, but my chin was also pushed forward 2mm without discussion.

It may seem silly to undergo another major operation just to reverse this small additional projection. But, because my chin was already aligned with my lips and nose tip pre-surgery and my chin was narrowed so much, I feel my chin just draws more attention. It now sticks out that extra length, PLUS all the soft tissue from the chin-narrowing has bunched up at the front and makes my chin all more prominent. 

My surgeon will not perform another sliding genioplasty as he says it’s not worth the very minor reversal, so I’m looking to go somewhere else. But I’m not sure what surgery path would be best. I am of asian descent and don’t scar well so I would like to know what other options I have to reduce my chin prominence. 

Would intraorally burring or cutting off the 2mm tip that it was brought forward create a hanging chin effect? I know that this may not make that huge of a difference but it would bring me peace of mind. I’m not sure what horizontal chin reduction options exist for people of asian descent.

A: Thank you for detailing your surgical history and current goals. I would agree that you are not going to redo your sliding genioplasty for a 2mm reduction of chin projection…..but you also don’t have to. There is nothing wrong with an intraoral burring chin reduction which is such a small amount of horizontal reduction. As long as the tissues are resuspended back up that should not be a problem. The even simpler approach would be a submental approach to the horizontal reduction where there is no risk of tissue sag but in an Asian female i would not put that submental scar no matter how well it usually heals.

Be aware that the soft tissue bunching effect is not going to improve as this is a normal sequelae of the bony narrowing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana