Chin Implant Replacement

Q: Dr. Eppley, i had my chin implant revised last year as it had shifted after ten years. A surgeon repositioned the implant intraorally but i did not like the look. I subsequently had it removed a thereafter as it got infected as well. The surgeon who removed the implant saw fit to inject me with HA filler on my chin as i was afraid that it might lose its shape once the implants was removed. Another doctor gave me another injection of HA filler last year as well.

All in all everything seems to have been one mistake after another. I am now diagnosed with ptosis of the chin. i have good lip competency but it is not without some effort. i also feel the shape of my lip quite different from before and it feels sort of loose, like it’s been stretched out and is a little bit slack. It has been recommended that either a Medpor chin implant or a genioplasty should be done although all the doctors I have seen say they haven’t seen many cases like mine though.

So I went reading on the internet and it seems you have a lot of experience with cases similar to mine. Might you be able to help me with. chin implant replacement?

A: What you undoubtably have after having a chin implant removed is exactly what you described…a stretched out soft tissue chin pad. It is being partially supported now by the HA filler but that is not the same as a chin implant replacement as either a new chin implant or a sliding genioplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana