Chin Implant Removal

Dr. Eppley, I am interested in either chin implant removal or chin implant modification. I had a square medium chin implant placed three years ago from an incision under my chin. I’m strongly considering having it revised or removed. Ever since the implant was first placed I disliked it and have felt there are problems. I seriously regret having made the decision in the first place as I feel that the implant slightly affects my speech, making some words more difficult to pronounce. At times it feels hot and the skin on my chin looks red and irritated. If I grow any facial hair the hairs now point upwards instead of growing in a normal pattern due to the change in skin position. 

I have wanted to have the implant removed/revised for a long time, but I am fearful of any further complications or chin ptosis/sagging that could occur. Please could you advise me of my options?

A: By your own description you have answered the question as to what you should do….remove it. (chin implant removal) Since it was originally placed through a submental incision, and its removal would be so done also, the issue about the risk of postoperative skin sagging (ptosis) becomes an easily adverted problem with a simultaneous submental soft tissue chin tuck done at the same time. The issues with chin ptosis after implant removal are much more significant and harder to effectively manage when the chin implant removal is done from an intraoral approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana