Chin Implant Malpositioning and Mental Nerve Numbness

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you so much for responding to my question on potential chin implant malpositioning!  I was prepared to give a lot of time to healing, as I understand everyone recovers at a different pace, but then I started researching the numbness because it is so numb and unchanged in first three weeks after surgery. The impression I got from reading a lot of articles is that if the implant is causing the numbness by pressing on the mental nerve then there is a clock ticking to remove the implant before permanent damage may result, no more than 2 months.  I understand you cannot diagnose my situation but do you believe there is a time when I really should consider removing the implant?  I miss my smile. Thank you.

A: While to some degree this is a decision between you and your surgeon since you are still under his/her active care, the relevant question is how much aesthetic value is the chin implant producing. (may be hard to tell exactly given that it is just three weeks after surgery) If it is of a minimal nature then the risks of nerve injury and recovery make it not worthwhile. If it is adding tremendously to your result then a less ‘drastic’ approach should be taken with more due diligence given to the actual position of the chin implant to rule out chin implant malpositioning. (3D CT scan of it)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana