Can Custom Facial Implants Widen My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, What is the material used to widen my face at all areas. (especially the area at side from zygoma to lower jaw) Will silicone material be the best ? I have tried fat transfer but it was little volume and only had a temporary effect. I wish to widen my face with permanent and semisolid material. I have attached my photo. Thanks a lot.

A: The best way to permanently widen your face is by using a combined custom facial implants approach with jawline and zygomatic arch designs made from a solid silicone implant material. They will provide an immediate and lifetime change. With a custom design they can be made to match in their upper and lower facial width increases so one is not wider than the other.

Fat injections in you was never going to work. And even if the fat took it would look soft and ill-defined. But most importantly your face is too thin to ever have any fat graft take very well. Fat grafts always work better when there is some natural subcutaneous fat into which they are placed.

The only issue here is that there will be a concavity between the mid- and lower facial widths increases where there is no bone support. I assume this is one of the areas where the fat injections were placed that did not work.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana