Master Injector Amanda Bouslog

Whether your goal is to try Botox Cosmetic for the very first time, or explore contouring your tear troughs with dermal filler, master injector Amanda Bouslog produces safe,  natural-looking results.

Revanesse® Versa is one of the newer tools in our arsenal of dermal fillers. This hyaluronic acid injectable can last up to six months and is one of Master Injector Amanda Bouslog’s favorite treatments to create a fuller lip.

‘Versa is fabulous to give that soft, pouty lip that so many women want.  It’s not as firm as other fillers and it actually pulls water from your body to help create volume. I love that the finished look is full, but not super taut; the look is really natural.’

While Versa is a great lip builder, Amanda finds that people tend to focus first on their eyes when they think of doing a ‘little something’, especially if they’ve never tried any injectable treatments.  ‘Botox is my absolute go-to in terms of delivering results that the patient can see but are not as discernable to anyone else.  If you feel like you look tired – a neuromodulator like Botox,  Xeomin or Dysport is the answer.  Eyes look lifted, brighter and wider after treatment. I also like to add a tiny bit to the tail of the eyebrow to give a lift there as well.’

With over a decade of experience, Amanda has learned how to assess each face individually to ensure her patients get the most out of their time with her. ‘So many of my patients have come to me for years, and over time I’ve modified their treatments based on how their faces age. That is the main reason I use so many different fillers and neuromodulators. There is no one perfect formula that works for every area of the face. Belotero, Restylane, Juvederm, just to name a few, are always available at our practice so that I can offer the best composition for the area of the face that I’m treating. Lift, brighten, fill, sculpt – there are tons of possibilities.’

Master Injector Amanda Bouslog can be reached exclusively at Eppley Plastic Surgery at abouslog@EppleyPlasticSurgery.com or via phone at 317-706-4444.

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