Temporal Artery Ligation

Q: Dr. Eppley, i am writing to you for some possible assistance. I was reading a thread just now that was posted a few years back about bulging temple veins. One of the gents on the forum talked about how he went to you for treatment for his” wiggly worms” on his temples. I have the same issue much more mild though on my right side, i thought i would ask you if you know anyone personally that resides in my area that does this procedure and is very good at it? It is a old post so i was curious, has treatments become more advanced since then? Like it can be done with lasers now or is done with just a trip to the surgeon office? I don’t know the first thing about all this and that is why i have come to you, i don’t mean to bother you. This gent spoke very highly of you and thought i would enquire.

A: What you are actually referring to are known as prominent temporal arteries, not veins. This is the type of prominent vasculature that occurs most commonly in men in the temples and forehead region. The only technique for their reduction/removal is my multipoint ligation technique. I could not tell you whom in your geographic area may perform this temporal artery ligation procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana