Facial Asymmetry Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in facial asymmetry surgery. I have been diagnosed with a mild version of hemifacial microsomia. My asymmetry of the face seems to be more a soft tissue involvement. after some CT scan, the bone asymmetry is not as bad. I would like give my face symmetry with either fillers or fat grafting, what would you recommend?

A: Given the two facial asymmetry surgery treatment choices you have provided, you would never use injectable filler unless you just wanted to do a test to see if you like the result. Injectable fillers are temporary and will take a fair volume of them to have any facial augmentative effect. Injectable fat grafting would be the better soft tissue augmentation/reconstructivhe technique since the volume able to be injected is limitless and some of the fat will likely survive and persist.

I would also have to see your 3D CT facial scan to see his significant the underlying bony deficiencies are. Augmentation of any bony deformities, particularly along the jawline, can often be very beneficial and is an assured permanent volume result.

Many congenital facial deformities are often best treated by a combination of hard and soft tissue reconstruction techniques.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana