Cheekbone Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, Please see CT scans for my current face bones of the right and left side. Also, photos before surgery and after surgery.

I went for jaw reduction but the doctor talked me into also having cheekbone reduction. The results were a strange shape face from the outside and deep burns from surgical instruments down my chin. 

1. Please look at my CT scans and tell me what you can see has happened to my jaw bones. 

2. Please look at my CT and tell me what you can see has happened to my cheek bones.

3. Please let me know if the cheek bones can be repairable and tell me the procedures  to fix the cheek bones.

4. Please let me know if the jaw bones are repairable, also the procedures to fix the jaw bones.

Something has gone wrong from this surgery and I am looking for help.

Please kindly help or advise in any way, I really need help.

A: Thank you for sending your CT scans of the jaw and cheekbone reduction procedures you had done. What the 3D CT scan shows is:

1) Complete amputation of the jaw angles

2) Cheekbone osteotomies with wide displacement of the anterior osteotomies with no obvious fixation of the bones and a downward rotation/internal collapse of the cheekbones

Just based on the CT scan you would need the following for reconstruction:

1) Vertical lengthening jaw angle implants to remake the amputated jaw angles

2) Repositioning and plate and screw fixation of the anterior cheekbone osteotomies.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana