Can An Abdominal Panniculectomy Be Done Without Insurance?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been trying to get an abdominal panniculectomy since I lost so much weight. My insurance company denied me but I plan to appeal. I have infections and skin ulcers. It makes it hard to do my job. I heard about the Patriot Plastic Surgery Program and wondered if you can help. PLEASE!!! I wanted to get this done before my husband got home from his latest deployment and I was wanting to get this done before he got home and I’ve run into roadblock after roadblock. Can you help? I have attached some pictures of my abdominal problem.

A: While there is little doubt that you would benefit from an abdominal panniculectomy, I am not surprised that you have been denied by your insurance company. By insurance requirements you do not meet the very basic criteria of the size of the pannus, it must reach down and overlap onto the thighs. Plus there must be a 6 month history of medically documented skin infections that have failed to respond to topical therapies and there must also be current photographic evidence of active skin infections. Failure to meet all of these criteria will result in denial of coverage for an abdominal panniculectomy. This is a very common occurrence and can be difficult to appeal without providing documentation of their established criteria.

The Patriot Plastic Surgery program is where some reduction in fees is offered for a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, including tummy tuck and abdominal panniculectomy.

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