Skull Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in skull augmentation. I have a very odd head shape which really causes me to struggle with every day life. I would seriously consider surgery if It would help me have a more natural looking head shape. I have attached a couple of photos. Ive never spoken to any one about it as no one has that head shape like me and doctors wont be able to do anything and i’ve never seen anything about skull surgery except from the service you offer. I hope you can help.

A: Based on the pictures you have provided, what I see in a flat area on the upper back of the head. If this is your concern, it is not rare in my experience and is the single most common female skull shape concern and surgery that I perform. This is ideally treated by a custom skull implant made from a 3D CT scan. The amount of skull augmentation possible depends on the amount that the scalp can stretch. Usually most natural scalp laxity can accommodate an implant up to 12 to 15mm at its central thickness. Greater amounts of skull augmentation (20mm plus) require a first stage scalp tissue expander to create the looseness and amount of scalp tissue needed to safely cover a thicker implant.

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